Cyber Fox
Collect and be a part of the Foxverse!

Latest Updates

08th Sep | We are thrilled to announce the partnership with the @DeadHeadsNFT. To celebrate this, we'll be giving away 100 cyber foxes to our friends from hell who owns a Deadhead. Join our discord to find out more.

What are Cyber Foxes?

Cyber Foxes are the newest sensation in the NFT world! The first generation of these adorable Cyber Foxes is a rare skulk of 10,000 and each of them is randomly assembled with a unique face, unforgettable pair of ears, and of course a sassy fox-tail. They also come in a walk-in-closet-full of flamboyant outfits and a burst of colors. But the rarest ones to rule them all are those with different accessories.

How freaking awesome is my fox?

The uniqueness of your fantastic CyberFox is unquestionable, given that they spring forth from a limitless creative selection. Translating that into the BlockChain language, each CyberFox is classified to 4 different categories, (Awesome, Elegant, Rare, and Extremely Rare). Now, what decides these categories is the essence of the Fox, or the material it is made of. Put simply, CyberFoxes are the new NFT GOATs (Greatest Of All Time)

Common items like a body type or a beard kind will rank lower than more rare items like a nine tail or a glass and other accessories.


Body Kinds47
Beard Kinds08
Head Top Kinds23
Glass Kinds12
Necklace Kinds08
Head Bands07
Other Accs16

Why get a cyber fox?

Well, the real question should be the rhetorical “why shouldn’t I get a CyberFox?”!

The super obvious reasons for getting a CyberFox would be,

- Being an exclusive member of the flamboyant CyberFox circle
- Getting immediate access to the CyberFox comic series
- Getting a super cool Cyber Foxie profile picture
- Being a contributing member in the CyberFox community by helping us shape the project
- And of course, being the center of attention and envy of the NFT elite society

Our foxies love serving the community because let’s face it, without our community our foxes won’t be here. So we'll be giving away a fraction of raised ETH through and some reserved foxes through raffles, cool games, events, contests and more!

Eh, how much?

Cyber foxes are priced at a flat rate (0.02 Ξ)

Future of Cyber Fox?

We have big dreams for our dandy skulk of CyberFoxes. This exclusive gang is destined to create their own ecosystem that encourage creativity. As the next step, we have already planned to work on an exclusive comic series, starring our own CyberFoxes.

Extremely Rare Fox owners will have access to a once-in-a-lifetime printed version of this “Members Only” comic series. So watch out for the Extremely Rare Foxes. All other token holders will get access to the NFT'ed virtual copies.


Crowd Sale

On Sep 16th, time to go live. Lets gooo!!

Fan art competition

We are all in for fan engagement. As soon as the crowdsale started, we'll be hosting a fan art competition. a chance to win upto 5 foxes.

A web app for Fan Arts in Jan, 2022

We are working on a drag and drop design tool where fans can easily generate their own comics with their favorite foxes.

The most favorited fan comic will win ETH and more importantly cyberfox community respect. ✊


We'll be conducting random airdrops. so watch out on our discord

First ETH Raffle

Once we sell out 50% of CyberFoxies we’ll be doing a community exclusive raffle to win some Ethereum!

Second ETH Raffle

Once we sell out 100% of CyberFoxies we’ll be doing a community exclusive raffle to win some more Ethereum!

Merch Store & Giveaway!

Our kickass designers are working on some awesome looking merch. And of course, we’ll be giving away some goodies as the community grows.

First comic book of the comic series

June 2022 is the first comic book launch day to the holders. Rare physical copies will be sent over to the rare token holders on the same day.


What’s an NFT?

NFT, or a Non-Fungible Token, is a unique digital item available for users to buy, own, and trade. The most common type of NFTs are digital art that are rare and trendy. They are very similar to a digital art form of a “member’s club card” because some NFTs also provide exclusive benefits to their owners such as granting access to certain websites and events.

What is Metamask?

You’ve got to have Metamask if you want to buy a CyberFox because essentially, Metamask is your crypto wallet where you store your NFTs. When you purchase a CyberFox, it will appear in this wallet. Learn more about Metamask (

Where does my NFT go after I purchase a Cyberfox?

Once you purchase a CyberFox, the NFT will appear in the address, or connected wallet you used to purchase it. You can view and pet your CyberFoxes in your profile on our website or you can view them on Opensea.

I am ready for my CyberFox! How do I get involved?

That’s the spirit! Head directly to Discord and get the conversation going! We love to hear your ideas!

What about Breeding?!

Hold your Foxes, my friends! Breeding will happen in the 2nd generation of sassy CyberFoxes. Right now we are brainstorming the best way to make it happen and we welcome your ideas as well!

Is CyberFox a good investment?

When making this decision, the spotlight is on you. What we can tell you is that we dedicate every single one of our waking hours to the creation, survival, and thriving of the CyberFoxes. They are an ever-evolving bundle of cyber populace that will ultimately come to life in a pretty badass comic series exclusive to the CyberFox community. While we aim to reach Mars with our Foxes, we do advise you to spend only what you absolutely can on them.

Who are your foxes?

We’re a team of 5 nerds who have the time, mind, and a drive about crypto, art, and making cool stuff. For now, we will introduce our 2 leads; Dulanjali Madhushani aka @duladesign on twitter who is the ultra-passionate creative head behind each fox that you see on the collection, and Kalith Kumasaru aka ‘Kal’ is a tech entrepreneur and the ex-CTO of a Digital Agency for startups based off of Austin, TX. Kal played an enormous part in bringing the agency to be recognized as one of the top creative & design agencies and top developers’ on Clutch in Texas. Press release. We are holding space to expand our team when we get our hands on the CyberFox comic series.


We have reserved 200 foxes to giveaway in competitions and hold airdrops. Most of these will be given out after launch and will not occupy the early token ids. The 4 members of staff have each been given a fox (not from the reserve pile). The remainder of the foxes are all for sale.